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Some points to consider:

Different modes for different purposes

No plugins required

ZapTheater PowerPoint Alternative - but built for the Internet

Data SourceInternetLocal deck
AudienceWeb site visitorsWebinar - live presenter
Show TerminusWeb page or showEnd of deck
Autoplay on lineYesNo
Viewer feedbackYesNo
Viewer interactiveYesNo
Support for podcastsYesNo
Interactive podcastsYesNo
Enhanced podcastsYesNo
Monetize podcastsYesNo
PowerPoint was developed to make desktop presentations, ZapTheater is built for the Internet. That's the bottom line.


1 to 10 showsFree Sign up now - no credit card required
11 - 50 shows$49 per year
51 - 100 shows$89 per year
Unlimited shows$149 per year